Amal De'Æris

N Necropolitan Cleric 1


N Necropolitan Cleric Lvl-1(Undead Human) Male 5’4” 100lbs Age-32(Human age-20) SPEED:30 HP:12 AC:17 STR:15 DEX:12 CON:-(13) INT:13 WIS:18 CHA:16 BAB:0 M:2 R:1 GRAPPLE:2 FORT:2 REF:1 WILL:6 FEATS: Lifesense, Spontaneous Healer SPECIAL QUALITIES: Undead Traits, Spontaneous Negative Energy, Rebuke/Command Undead, Domain 1: Death, Domain 2: Healing, SPELLS PER DAY: 0.(3) 1.(2+1)

Belongings: Scale mail, HvyWooden Shield, Morningstar, Lightcrossbow, Boltcase(10), Backpack, sack, flint/steel, wooden holy symbol (Eclipsing Sun), 4g


Amal De’Æris was a vigilant Pelor cleric and last living descendant of Tatlus Æris, whose village became the of the town of Tatlin and knight of King Tullis I, founder of the Tulran Kingdom centuries ago. In his youth, Amal enjoyed the privileged life of a noble in the Tulran Kingdom and the honor of his family name. With the need to counter the growing threat of the neighboring Undead Kingdom of Blackmoor, his mental and martial prowess, and his faith in the inherent goodness of humankind, Amal became a Cleric of Pelor, serving his church and community loyally for a number of years.

After gaining a bit of favor within the Church of Pelor, Amal was to lead a strike force to destroy a Blackmoor garrison that had captured the border town of Tulhollas. As fate would have it, upon their victorious return from regaining Tulhollas, a strike team from Death’s Tower was raiding Tatlin. De’Æris and his remaining forces were overtaken and captured. The current Lord of Death’s Tower had begun experimenting with a ritual known as Crucimigration-the ritual that rips life from the petitioner/victim and brings them into the undead race. Such was the fate of Amal De’Æris. Amal, being one of the few survivors of the ritual was quickly brought under control by the Cult of Nerull which serves the Lord of Death and forced to engage in waging war against his own kinsmen and ultimately contribute to the fall of the Tulran Kingdom with the assassination of King Tullis

After a series of circumstances not quite understood by Amal himself, the command that bound him to his dark masters was broken during his service, and Amal escaped to seek help from his Church. Amal was immediately rejected and savagely attacked—barely escaping the remaining human settlements with his body intact. In the decade since then, Amal has walked the line between the undead and living communities, being unwelcome by the latter and uncomfortable in the former. Amal still maintains his divine magic access, tapping the divine power of Fate, feeling forsaken by Pelor.

Amal De'Æris

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