Records of the Old Garinor Kingdom are few and scattered, the few surviving being extremely difficult to decipher due to such antiquity. The Garinor Kingdom is the oldest known civilization in the Western Kingdoms, and some scholars argue that it predates the civilization of the Eastern Continents.

Garinor was a kingdom of the Gara, descendants of Garin, the first king. The Gara created the first ships and used them to explore the world, trading with and pillaging from every inhabited acre of Rethgard. The Gara became masters of metallurgy and crafted weapons and armor of such quality that even after aging thousands of years, these antiques are still more durable any contemporary product.

There are still some among humans, dwarves, gnomes, and giants that can claim a trace of Gara blood, though memory of the Gara is all but lost in time.

Currently, Garinor is blanketed in constant arctic climate with heavy snowstorms being a daily occurrence and temperatures dropping to the point of freezing blood. There are still enclaves of dwarves and giants in the Frozen North, and barbarian humans have been spotted in recent decades.

The last king of Garinor was King Bran XIII, who in 999BHD joined a fellowship of heroes to drive a great evil deep into the earth and slay it in the depths. While the heroes were victorious, the battle was won at great cost to the individuals, and they each went their separate ways and were never seen or heard from again.

Of the lands once belonging to the Old Kingdom, the small port village of Tethelia, a southern coastal settlement (quite to the north of the current Western Kingdoms) maintained steady inhabitance by humans until the year 1BHD in which a monster nearly burned it down and the inhabitants migrated south to Grayson, an old town north of the Tulran Kingdom.


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