The Blackmoor Kingdom is a militant nation bent on expansion and the institution of Evil influence. Many monstrous races have found a home under the undead sovereignty of King Magnan. Blackmoor is defended by the Darkridge Mountains to the east and the Scarred Lands to the west.

The nobility that rules Blackmoor is as old as the land itself, and the undead rulers are the same individuals that have held their titles for over a thousand common generations.

King Magnan launches constant campaigns, climbing the mountains into Blackoak Forest and into the Tulran Kingdom. It is rumored that the Scarred Lands are actually the result of constant warfare on the eternal battlefield that lies between the kingdoms of Gothdol and Blackmoor.

The secret of King Magnan’s endless garrisons of undead soldiers is rumored to lie underneath Voidstone Keep, in the center of Blackmoor.


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