Lord Kshar Laohujin

LN Human Aristocrat


LN Human Aristocrat 6’4” 240lbs


Little is known about Lord Kshar Laohujin except that he became a wealthy merchant baron and settled his estate over the site of the [[Gray Ruins]] in the [[Western Kingdoms]] sometime before the HanGanDi Dynasty formed. Master Kshar quickly used his wealth and influence to revitalize the [[Gray City]] and surrounding country and with the assistance of the church of [[St. Cuthbert]], established a small kingdom which became known as [[Grandia]]. Grandia assisted the [[Scorpion Province]] in the [[Eastern Continent]] during the [[Warring Provinces]] and through his favor gained inclusion in the [[HanGanDi Empire]] as an Imperial colony, to become known as [[Tiger Province]], giving Master Kshar the title of Lord Laohujin.

Lord Laohujin’s hands are remarked upon as most beautiful by many of the [[Imperial Court]], and he maintains an immaculate sense of both style and decadence, often influencing Imperial fashion each year.

Lord Kshar Laohujin

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